Release of Records

For new patients, we will speak with you at your initial visit about your medical records from previous or current treating physicians and decide together who to request records from. We advise not to request records to be sent to us prior to your new patient visit. However, you may choose to obtain some of your records yourself (as an example, recent labs or studies) and bring them to the office with you on the day of your visit.

If you are an established patient and are needing records to be sent to us (e.g. after an E.R. visit or from a specialist), you may use the Release of Records Form.

When filling out the form, please ensure that you fill in the FROM section correctly with the information of the doctor or hospital who should be sending records to us.

Once you have completed the form, please mail or fax it to the doctor/ hospital medical records department that needs to send us records. It is always helpful to follow-up with a phone call to that office after you have sent the request.

Typically records are received within 30 days of you sending a request. If your request is urgent and requires immediate release, be sure to mark that on the release form before you send it.