Health During COVID-19 How to thrive during COVID-19

We are pleased to offer this growing list of resources to our patients and the community, intended to help you not just survive but genuinely thrive during the COVID-19 crisis, and long afterward. Drawing inspiration from the life-affirming pillars of health and wellness, we've included:

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is the evidence-based practice of helping individuals and families adopt and sustain healthy behaviors that affect health and quality of life.

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Wellness Coaching

It’s time to make lasting changes and live a HEALTHIER life! The Doctor is In! And so is the Coach!

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A Team Approach

We are here for you. Our Wellness Team will help you reach your goals by providing guidance, education, motivation and accountability. Let us help you get from where you are to where you want to be!

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Weight Loss

So perhaps you are overweight or even obese. And you want to lose weight. But most people aren’t successful. Let’s face it – it’s very difficult to lose weight.

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Wellness Resources

Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Coaching

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A skilled coach will help you find your path to higher well-being develop the confidence and habits you need to prevent, treat, and even cure some diseases.

Wellness Coaching

Recipes to Nourish Your Body & Soul

Enjoy some of our favorite recipes & healthy eating tips.

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LIVE HEALTHY, LIVE WELL! Wellness coaching and lifestyle medicine…developing a road map for your well-being.
June M.
I feel that I can do it, before I felt like it was monumental. Small positive strides, Now I feel I can do it. Positiveness the coach gives to me, now I am able to share. Positive attitude.
Helen K.
I started my weight loss program back in March/13 and I weighed 223lbs, and I am down to 198lbs. I’ve tried everything before to lose weight but could never make it work…When I first started I couldn’t hardly do my house work, I didn’t have much energy at all . Now I work in my house a lot and love it.
I need this positive reinforcement, left on my own I know I would mess up, I need to be accountable to someone. I am a slow loser but I didn’t gain weight fast so I know this will take awhile. There is no magic pill here, it is a life style change.
Shirley C.
Coaching has been a life changing experience for me. I have done many diets and always lost weight but as soon as I got off the diet the weight came right back. When Coaching was presented to me I immediately rejected the program. Much to my surprise, I was wrong. I am thankful that my doctor recommended Coaching and that I did it.
Eleanor S.
I have finally found success with changing my bad habits. The more I lose the more motivated I become. I am even exercising by doing water aerobics, the water is great for old muscles and bones. I have already reduced my insulin from 50 units to 26 units daily. I have found this coaching easy to follow and stay focused.