In the News: Dr. Serna featured in new podcast “Women in Concierge Medicine”

A recently released podcast featuring leading woman concierge physicians from around the country makes for compelling viewing, especially when Dr. Serna’s in the spotlight! The high-profile discussion presents thoughtful insights from Dr. Serna and a panel of outstanding female doctors who explore why concierge medicine is uniquely suited to a woman physician’s vision of care.

A few highlights from Dr. Serna:

“What we get as concierge physicians and as women is control of our work environment, patients’ experience, ability to earn a living, and the way we take care of our families, and that’s a tremendous privilege.”

“It is a pleasure to be available when patients come to the office, they get their questions answered, and if they think of another one after they leave, they know it’s not a problem…they can message, call, send a text.”

“I’ve had patients say ‘I’m not going to call you after hours,’ and I’ll say, ‘but if you need to, please do, feel free to.’ The times I’ve gotten late night calls I’ve been able to rescue patients from situations that might have gotten their health in trouble otherwise.”

“I feel very good about the care I provide, but even more important, the patients have peace of mind knowing that I’m there if they need me. It’s definitely a win-win from a medical care standpoint on both sides.”

Check out Dr. Serna’s podcast debut in this preview of “Women in Concierge Medicine,” hosted by Specialdocs Consultants, or view below.