A message from Dr. Serna @ the 2020 virtual Lifestyle Medicine conference

Each year, I eagerly anticipate attending the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) conference, the leading national educational event exclusively focused on Lifestyle Medicine. This year, it was held completely online, from Oct. 23rd through Oct. 26th, and I’ve logged in each day to learn the latest innovations and therapeutic approaches that can benefit us all at North Cypress Internal Medicine & Wellness.

I’m also delighted to share that I presented (virtually of course) at the conference on “Lifestyle Medicine in a Concierge Practice” and partnered with our own wonderful wellness coach Sarah-Ann Keyes for a workshop on “Embedding Lifestyle Medicine Coaches on the Clinical Team.”

In the time of COVID, this year’s meeting has been particularly meaningful. Exploring, educating and encouraging patients to follow the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine has never been more important. Enhancing the immune system through positive lifestyle changes can play an important role in helping to prevent the virus, while eliminating or minimizing chronic conditions helps protect you from experiencing the most serious complications of COVID-19.

For patients at North Cypress Internal Medicine & Wellness: if you haven’t scheduled a Lifestyle Medicine visit recently, and are interested in how we might guide you on your wellness journey, or find you’re just needing a little extra support, I encourage you to call the office at (281) 807-
5703…we’ve had great success taking these visits virtual as well, using doxy.me.

Stay safe and well,
Dorothy C. Serna, MD